Friday, November 4, 2016

Weekends, Hobbies, and Sleeperpowers

Fridays are great, right? So much potential with the whole weekend before you. As though I could decide what to do with all that free time. Last weekend I think I slept 12 hours a night Friday and Saturday.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm pretty sure my superpower is sleep. I have sleeperpowers.

Yesterday I decided to put my word count toward a different goal and worked on some set up for future posts instead of just writing one off the cuff again. Today I think I'll talk about weekends.

I've been trying this thing where every weekend I choose one of my hobbies and kind of go at it full-on. Last weekend it was knitting (while it wasn't sleeping) and the weekend before I think I sunk like 36 hours into video games. I say "games" but I mean The Talos Principle.

It's been a very long time since I found a game I couldn't put down, but this one definitely qualifies. The Talos Principle is a philosophical sci-fi first-person puzzle game. I've gotten three or four of the possible endings so far, and I just picked up the prequel and sequel from the Halloween Steam Sale so I'm looking forward to a few more hours in that environment.

I learned the other day that the game also supports VR for those of you out there pioneering that technology. I'd love to try it in VR, It was fantastic already, but the immersion I think would be magnificent, and it's just a perfect game for that in my opinion.

Also, it made me laugh plenty of times, and maybe question reality a couple times too.

For those of you who like to watch people play games, if you add me to your Steam friends, you can request to watch a live stream of anything I'm playing from the friend list there. My username is fairyrebel, feel free to add me.

Other than games and knitting, I have a sewing project in the works. Perhaps some of you saw the pictures I posted to FB about it. I've been trying to complete a few sets of fabric covered foam curlers. The issue I'm having is that there's no good place for me to sit at my sewing machine and maintain good posture, so after a couple hours of work my back is basically dead. With our housing situation set to change virtually any day now, I also can't really just go out and find something to use in the meantime. I wish it was easier to sink a whole weekend into sewing. Maybe after we get moved it will be.

I wonder how the rest of you handle having multiple hobbies. How do you make time to keep up with more than one passion?

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  1. My sister also has sleeperpowers. I have anti-sleeperpowers. This morning in the wee hours I decided to bake an apple crumble. If in your project sewing you make tea wallets, point me to your etsy link (or I can just come over and buy one from you).

    In other news, I have sadly quit playing games. I only do on rare occasion when the nostalgia bug bites and it's usually a Zelda game.


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