Thursday, February 3, 2011

Autoharp Funtimes

I've learned a lot about my autoharp over the last couple days. Mostly just by reading about them online, but also by spending time getting to know my way around the instrument.

We had a check-up at Lightning Joe's today, where I was given the good news that not only is it in good playing condition, it actually needs no work (other than tuning) before it can be played! I was a little worried because some of the tuning pins have a bit of rust on them, and the strings look old and like they've not been played in ages. I should be able to get by with it how it is now, and I know what maintenance to expect soon. Another plus -- a full set of strings doesn't cost anything near what I expected -- so in case that's my first related expense, it shouldn't stop me from playing.

Autoharp, meet Lighting Joe's shop.

Lightning Joe seemed to imply that tuning one of these things is quite a challenge, in an effort to get me to not ask him to tune it. I don't care! Part of learning a new instrument includes readying it for play, so I had better start practicing. My autoharp has 36 strings and 15 chords. It took me about two hours to successfully tune it, and I still feel like the tuning could use some work in a few places. I'll tune it more before I play it tomorrow.

Now I have to find some beginner instruction... I have no idea if that will be simple or difficult.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Be Happy

When I wake in the morning I am happy.

I have survived to witness another day.

When I dress I am happy.

The clothes in my closet all fit well and are comfortable.

While I prepare a morning meal I am happy.

I have food and drink to fill my belly.

When I leave to go to work I am happy.

I am eager to get there and see my friends, so I arrive early.

While I am working I am happy.

I choose to do work that is rewarding, fulfilling, and aligns with my values.

When my work is done I am happy.

I completed each task thoroughly and to the best of my ability the first time.

When I return home I am happy.

I have a roof to sleep under and walls to keep me warm and safe.

While I cook dinner I am happy.

I treasure the learning experience of turning ingredients into cuisine.

While I unwind at the end of the day I am happy.

I have entertainment and conversation to inspire my mind.

When I spend time with my partner I am happy.

I am loved, trusted, and respected as I love, trust, and respect him.

When I go to sleep at night I am happy.

I have a warm bed and fluffy pillows to hold my sleepy head.

When I dream I am happy.

My dreams are vivid and full of my own mind.

When I wake in the morning I am happy.

Why are you happy? Take time to count your blessings.

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