Monday, April 5, 2010

Tree Fort Report

Just over a week ago, one of my coolhunters (Burnkitty) sent me a link to this fabulous item: The Sailboat Kit.

I have a knack for organized disarray, but somehow that just wasn't fulfilling all of my needs when it comes to my daily life. Some of you may be wondering where I disappeared to some time near the end of last year. Well, here it is: I have a job I do from home, and a life I live from the same home, and it was becoming more and more difficult to separate the two properly. This leaves me feeling overwhelmed and overloaded, totally unsure of what to do with my abundance of guilt and depressing attitude toward my ability to handle everything myself. I can't work all the time, but I also couldn't allow myself to have play time without feeling guilty like I should still be working -- just because I COULD still be working.

This Sailboat Kit arrived, and I built it. It took three hours, tons of paper, almost an entire pencil, and more intense brain spew scribbling than I ever expected I was capable of. I considered posting the insane brain spewage here, but I think I'll hold off for now. It's kind of a mess, and I don't like thinking about my kit in such a shamble. After the hours of building were done, I took a good look at what I had built. Much to my surprise, it's not a sailboat at all. This is the finest tree fort I have ever had the pleasure of encountering.

The. Finest. Tree. Fort. Ever.

Ever, people.

So I now have a very free-form way of organizing my time, my work, my play, everything. It's all there in my Tree Fort. If you'd like to see it lemme know and I'll send you the secret link. I don't really feel like I want to share my schedule with the world, but if you ask, I'll send it over for a look. Just don't giggle too hard... Or do. Hard giggling is good.

I now feel free when I've taken care of my work responsibilities for the day. It's like every day is Friday once I've checked off all of my tasks, and I can mentally relax while I physically relax into my evening. The feeling is immensely fantastic, and I wish it upon each and every one of you.

In other news, my kitchen has gotten so many upgrades since returning from Burning Man last year that it's practically a whole new room. Actually, I suppose since I moved in December it actually IS a whole new room. I won't get into everything right now, because it's more than I feel like writing this evening, but to give you a taste until next time...

At the urging of Miss Burnkitty, I invited Mark Bittman into my kitchen. His influence (via Kitchen Express) has completely changed the way I cook, and I can barely imagine what I was doing before to make cooking seem so difficult. I still firmly believe that baking is a science, but cooking meals has never been easier. I now cook two or three meals a day, every day, all week, and I love it.

Even if you hate cooking, if you have a chance to check out this book, I highly recommend it.

Coming next week (or sooner if I get wild): Rutiz Farms, One Knife to Rule Them All, But Wait There's More, and The Kitchen List & Food Board.

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