Monday, July 21, 2014

Scalding Emerald Dragon

Covergirl's Scalding Emerald with Essence Gold Holographic Glitters

Scalding Emerald is a very pretty olive colored micro-glitter which leans gold or even a bit red in the right lighting. It was released as part of the Hunger Games collection from Covergirl, and I love that there were minis available because they are so much easier to take through the airport in my carry-on bag. This was my first try at individually hand-placed glitters, and the effect of the gold holographic glitter from Essence along with this beautiful polish was a bit like dragon scales on my hand. I was amused by how many times other people compared it to dragon scales too.

...and now for the scoring part -- The Finger Scale!

On a scale of one (I'll let you guess which one) to ten (ALL IN!) fingers, I give Watermelon Rind:

Cost: 9 fingers - Covergirl is inexpensive, even more so when you buy mini. In some of their cosmetic products the cost leads to a drop in quality, but I do love some of the polishes they come out with, and the micro-glitters in this collection are great.

Coverage: 6 fingers - This color needed at least three coats to achieve opacity, and is still not as opaque as I would like at the cuticle.

Wear: 9 fingers - This particular shade wears a long time with or without top coat.

Clean-up: 7 fingers - It's glitter, yes, but it's pretty easy to remove and came off a lot easier than I anticipated.

Color: 10 fingers - The color in the bottle and on the hand are completely identical and I felt like I got exactly what I expected.

Final Score: 8 fingers!


  1. I really like your dragon scale finger. Also I must see the rest of your sweater, it's such a pretty color.

  2. I don't have any pics of that sweater but next time I bust it out I'll take one for ya. It is a gorgeous color! My Momma got it for me from Macy's.


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