Monday, July 28, 2014

Bond with Wild Violets

Bond With Whomever by Essie with Revlon's Wild Violets

Bond With Whomever is a fabulous purple cream from Essie. It was my first Essie polish and secured a place in my heart for the brand, both by being an awesome color, and by having a great formula. It's a springy color, and it's shown here paired with dotted flowers in Wild Violets from Revlon, with glitter centers in Scorpio from Color Club.

Funny thing about Wild Violets...

I couldn't stop smelling my nails. I LOVE Choward's Violet candies!

...and now for the scoring part -- The Finger Scale!

On a scale of one (I'll let you guess which one) to ten (ALL IN!) fingers, I give Bond with Whomever:

Cost: 8 fingers - Essie is among the higher-end drug store polishes, but is not super expensive, and you get a lot of wear for your money.

Coverage: 9 fingers - This reaches opacity in 1-2 coats and is so shiny It hardly needs a top coat.

Wear: 8 fingers - I wear this when I travel and it often looks as great when I land as it does when I leave.

Clean-up: 8 fingers - The unoffensive milky color removes easily and doesn't stain.

Color: 10 fingers - The color in the bottle and on the hand are completely identical and completely awesome.

Final Score: 9 fingers!

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  1. My sister recently let me borrow a pale grey color, it smelled like vanilla. Not at first but after it was fully dried. Too bad the scent fades so quickly though. I like what you did with the design, simple and very cute.


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