Monday, July 14, 2014

Orange Party Dinosaurs

Custom Darling Diva Polishes!!!

The winnings: She's Kayzee!!!, Shake Your Tail Feathers, and Whip 'er Hahr

My first successful gradient of She's Kayzee!!! and Whip 'er Hahr

She's Kayzee!!! stamped with Sally Hansen's Cherry Red, Maybelline's Twilight Rays, and Mash plate #74

In April, I won a gift from a massive "Orange Party" giveaway over at Superficially Colorful and shortly after that my custom polishes from Darling Diva arrived in my mailbox. These are my first indie polishes, and what everyone says about indies is true - once you have one, you're going to want more.

I'll stick to reviewing the colors used in my gradient here, as I've only worn Shake Your Tail Feathers once and it is such a pretty orange holo that I think it deserves its own photo review later. 

She's Kayzee!!! is a color I never ever would have chosen for myself. It is still the only yellow in my whole arsenal, and boy is it a gorgeous one. It's got shimmer and sparkle, both in fine micro-glitter particles and in a bit of an opalescent flake glitter tossed in the mix.

Whip 'er Hahr looks to lean a bit more red in the bottle than it does on the hand. It's a beautiful red-orange version of She's Kayzee!!! and packs the same sparkly punch in a warmer shade.

This was a first attempt at stamping with Twilight Rays, and I would not recommend it. It was very very smudgy and did not stamp well at all. Cherry Red on the other hand, was a fabulous stamping polish, as are many of the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear line.

Mash plate #74 is such a fun plate, and all the images together made for a really cute manicure. I especially loved the full nail suns print, and will definitely use this plate again.

...and now for the scoring part -- The Finger Scale!

On a scale of one (I'll let you guess which one) to ten (ALL IN!) fingers, I give She's Kayzee!!! and Whip 'er Hahr:

Cost: 6 fingers - These particular polishes were a prize in a giveaway so I can't comment on what a custom polish would normally cost, however, as an indie brand Darling Diva's new releases tend to be a few dollars more per bottle than high-end drugstore polish.

Coverage: 6 fingers - These both come to opacity in 3-4 coats which can be a bit much if you are pressed for time. They also look fabulous over a more easily opaque base coat of white or black... or any other complimentary color to their shade.

Wear: 9 fingers - The formula is great and these colors wear for quite a long time.

Clean-up: 7 fingers - It's glitter folks. It can be difficult to remove but if you let your polish-remover-soaked- cotton-wad sit on your nail for a few seconds and then wipe, it'll budge quicker than most other glitters. After cleanup I did have a few little flake glitters still sticking around, but nothing major.

Color: 9 fingers - The color in the bottle and on the hand are super similar, but in the case of Whip 'er Hahr, not identical. Very very close though.

Final Score: 7 fingers!

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  1. I find it takes some experimenting to find good stamping colors. Sometimes too runny or thing make it for a yucky looking stamp. I really like the dino plate. I will have to clean up my plates and post something new soon. My pottery class won't start for a while and I actually can work the wheel without destroying my nails finally.


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